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Do you wish you had a friend to help you get your kitchen organized?

Do you find yourself scrambling to get dinner on the table for your family?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed hearing all the latest nutrition news and feel like you need to make changes to the way you feed your family?

Like you, I’ve found that knowing what I should eat and translating that into practice each day is not easy! Things get confusing fast. It can be completely exhausting (and nutrition is my business!). Plus, having small kids (who may be picky) can make things extra tricky.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Together we’ll work towards simplifying all the steps to good nutrition. We’ll start with streamlining your kitchen and setting up a meal planning habit. Then work on preparing and eating nutrition packed foods at home. Cooking at home is not always the easiest option, but it can probably be simpler than you think.

At Sandy Apple, you’ll find ideas and encouragement for small changes to organize, plan, cook and eat well at home.

Organize your kitchen

By organizing your kitchen and stocking your pantry with the best ingredients, you’re one step closer to healthy eating. It will help streamline the meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking you do each and every week. Here you’ll find lots of ideas for setting yourself and your family up for success.

Get started organizing you kitchen with these tips:

Plan your meals

There is nothing more helpful in eating healthy than having a great meal plan. Planning meals for the upcoming week ensures you use up anything that’s about to go bad. In addition, it helps make sure everything you buy at the store has a meal to go with it and that you don’t end up with a bunch of mismatched ingredients. Planning also saves major cash!

Get started planning with these ideas:

Cook simply

Healthy cooking is simple cooking with simple ingredients. Recipes don’t need to be complicated. Nor do they need to be pretty. And yet, they do need to be tasty! Start with some of these 5 ingredient recipes or these recipe templates.

Eat at home with the ones you love

Getting the food to the table is a feat in itself. But it’s not a family meal if you can’t wrangle everyone to the table. While, it’s tough to make everyone happy at every meal, every once in a while you’re pleasantly surprised with the reaction of your toughest critic (who happens to be 3 years old).

Learn a little nutrition along the way

Nutrition at Sandy Apple is simple. First of all, it focuses on whole ingredients and how they work together to support your body and mind. There will be lots of talk about eating a variety foods every day. Finally, there will not be much diet talk or any talk about avoiding whole food groups.

At Sandy Apple you’ll find tips and other goodies for setting up your kitchen for healthy success. It is not about having everything perfect, rather it is about making small changes here and there that add up to eating well! Are you ready to get started?

Meet Sandy

Meet Sandy

eater, mom, nutritionist

Hi, I’m Sandy! Just like you, I want to eat healthy. And I’ve wanted to eat healthy so badly that I went back to school to become a registered dietitian. Every day, I work hard outside the home and work really hard to feed my family well. You’re invited to join me as we figure out how best to make nutritious eating simple for our families. Mine happens to include a partner and two small children, ages four and six.

I am a non-diet dietitian. I believe strongly in eating intuitively. We are all built differently and move through our days differently. In doing so, we all need different nutrients on different days. Consequently, there is no perfect diet or perfect way of eating. Therefore, you won’t find much talk about super foods here. All foods have their place in our life. I’m so glad you’re here and cannot wait to work together to feed our families the best we can!


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